South Tipperary Action Network [S.T.A.N.] A network of mental health & other organisations.

Our Mission

A need had been identified within the field of mental health and well being, to bring mental health organisations and support groups together with community and voluntary groups in the South Tipperary Area. To achieve this we are hoping to create a network of organisations, South Tipperary Action Network – STAN.

STAN is being formed with a view to organising networking meetings so that we can collaboratively improve the lives of all those effected by Mental health issues – which is all of us.

STAN will be a network of mental health service providers established to provide networking and sharing opportunities for people and organisation working in the mental health area in South Tipperary. Currently there is a STAN Steering Group in place to help establish STAN with membership from Service Users, Mental Health Ireland, Grow, Community & Voluntary Forum, County Council & HSE Mental Health & Community Development Services.

The purpose of this web site is to give a brief outline of the main mental health difficulties, to inform service users and their carers in South Tipperary of services and supports available to them, to be a resource for health professionals and others.

The term service user is used to describe any person who is undergoing treatment or availing of psychiatric services. 

The term carer is used to describe a person- family member or other- who accepts responsibility for the well being of, or who supports the service user.